Youth Panel


The Greater Manchester’s Hidden Talent Youth Panel sits at the heart of the programme.

Hosted by programme partners, Greater Manchester Youth Network, the Youth Panel are valued participants in the planning, design and evaluation of our work.

Members are aged 18-25 and have at some point experienced barriers to employment. As such, they act as our conscience and keep the programme accountable to the needs and viewpoints of our target groups.

From listening to and working with our Youth Panel we have a better understanding of the diverse needs of marginalised and vulnerable young people and the barriers to employment that they face.

Throughout the course of the programme, the Youth Panel will work on the Be Clear, Remove Fear campaign, and, choose their own projects relating to contemporary youth employment issues. The Youth Panel are members of the GM’s Hidden Talent Strategic Steering Group.

Youth Panel-led projects from Greater Manchester Talent Match show how youth voice can be front and centre of conversations on youth employment : 


Youth Panel Biographies

"I dislike the traditional interview process and feel that job interviews should be more practical."



I joined the Youth Panel at the very start of the project. I'd previously been a member of the Youth Panel on Greater Manchester’s Talent Match! I joined so that I could gain new skills, and new experiences and have enjoyed my time as a Youth Panel member on both programmes. I will soon be moving on to the role of Volunteer Youth Panel Assistant. My skills include communication and social skills, ICT, and administration skills; and I have experience of working with employers to make their opportunities youth and disability friendly. I am passionate about making sure that young people have the same opportunities as adults. I have a disability, and sometimes I have found this to be a barrier to finding work. I dislike the traditional interview process and feel that job interviews should be more practical.



I joined the GM's Hidden Talent Youth Panel after I finished college. I was struggling to find a job, and I saw the opportunity to join and I wanted to make myself useful. My skills include problem-solving and being honest, and I am also good at maths. I feel strongly about LGBTQ+ rights and equality for all in the workplace - and in life - particularly for gender minority people. I have struggled finding employment because I don’t have a full CV or much work experience, and I struggle with navigating job searches and websites.

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