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GMCVO is working on the behalf of the voluntary sector to influence new developments in public service provision. National pilots with the potential to radically reshape public services, such as Wholeplace and Transforming Justice, are being trialled in Greater Manchester and GMCVO is involved with both at a strategic level. On this blog, GMCVO’s Policy & Partnerships Manager John Hannen, will outline future changes and developments as they occur.

A Devolution Revolution?

Last Wednesday’s Autumn Statement from the Chancellor of the Exchequer saw some significant decisions on tax and welfare that have been widely reported on but changes to Local Government taxa

Devo Manc: A journey not a destination

The pace at which the devolution settlement in Greater Manchester is developing has many people trying to catch up to understand the practical impacts of proposals.

Why Don't Politicians Do What I Think They Should?

There have been a number of times, in a number of roles, when I’ve spoken to a politician in a private meeting about an issue or idea where they’ve made very supportive statements but t

Evidence Based Commissioning: cleverness and persistence can get you almost any result you want

I thought I'd finish this series of posts on evidence-based commissioning with a final note looking at the difficulties presented by complex systems.

Evidence Based Commissioning: It's not what you do, it's who you work with

As voluntary organisations we are continually encouraged to present evidence of our impact on the basis that it will help us gain funding to work with our clients.

Evidence Based Commissioning: Confirmation Bias

On this blog we are going to continue take a look at some of the common problems with how evidence is shaping commissioning and how we understand our impact.

Evidence based commissioning: a risk to voluntary sector assets?

There is a growth in demand for evidence of impact from funders across the board. Will this create unintended consequences?

Holding your partners in a tighter embrace

The changes in our commissioning environment aren't just affecting business models but also the nature of delivery partnerships.

Opportunities for service delivery or service decommissioning?

The market for the delivery of public services has certainly become more competitive with more expected for less and often contracts being aggregated in order to reduce administrative costs.

GMCVO's response to the MoJ's Transforming Rehabilitation proposals

In February we presented our response to the Government's proposals to reform offender management and rehabilitation.

Commissioners don't buy services they buy data

And justice for all?

In response to the government's consultation on its "Transforming Rehabilitation" proposals GMCVO has developed a discussion paper, attached below, to help inform the debate.

When a measured impact isn't an impact - economically at least

 I recently was in the audience of a presentation on impact measurement which caused me some concern.

Toxic Opportunities

After a period of stagnation in public sector contracting we are starting to see some movement with public sector tendering processes starting to increase as a number of councils commit to outsourc

Predistribution - what it is, why it matters and why you're probably already doing it!

Followers of current affairs will have recently heard Labour Leader, Ed Miliband, announce a new policy direction for the Labour Party promo

Olympic Cycling, Competitiveness and the Aggregation of Marginal Gains

I think we’ve all been impressed with the domination of the GB & NI team in the cycling competitions.

Community Budgets and Future Commissioning

In my last post  I discussed how changes to funding and demand will drive Local Authorities to radically r

The "Graph of Doom" and the changing role for Local Government

Over the last few months the phrase “graph of doom” has been used increasingly regularly in respect of the future of local council spending.

Keep Calm But Don't Carry On

It’s become a bit of a cliché to suggest that we are currently living through a period of significant change but it’s important to understand we’ve really yet to see the full scal

Preparing for Police & Crime Commissioners

GMCVO has been awarded funding from a national partnership funded by the Home Office, which includes Clinks and NAVCA, to develop a Safer Future Communi

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