Greater Manchester Centre for Voluntary Organisation

GM All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) – PLEASE LOBBY YOUR MP

Many VCSE organisations will be acutely aware of the extent of the welfare problems being lived and experienced by the people you work with. Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) and the GM Mayor are making proposals to reform welfare provision and better support the needs of our citizens. Welfare reform problems are undermining the delivery of the Greater Manchester Strategy and all the positive work being done, with huge amounts of resources going into alleviating avoidable human misery.

The purpose of the APPG is to allow GMCA Leaders, GM MPs and VCSE experts to share our concerns and set out the key problems we are witnessing across the GM demographic; gain support for ongoing GMCA activity; and agree on any ‘key asks’ for GM with Government.

The next meeting will take place on Friday 8th February. All GM MPs have received an invitation, and we need them to come as they are crucial allies in Westminster. Please ask your local MP to attend.

If you have knowledge of the impact of welfare reform on people you work with, you may also wish to attend. Please email to request an invitation.