Greater Manchester Centre for Voluntary Organisation

GM Mayor’s Green Summit 2019

The GM Mayor’s Green Summit in 2018 set the challenge for GM, established the pertinent science and started engaging all contributors to the sustainability of GM and its carbon footprint.

A plan for addressing the environmental challenges followed. The second Green Summit on 25th March 2019 will explore progress with identified actions; give more detail about the change that needs to happen; and how everyone, from individual residents, public authorities and businesses (large, small, commercial or social) can help.

GMCVO has been an active member of the GM Mayor’s Green Summit Steering Group, a multi-sector initiative. The Green Summit and the activities that flow around it are very relevant for GMCVO and the social economy organisations of Greater Manchester. We believe that:

  • The vision for a sustainable and low carbon GM has to reflect the aspiration of its people and the realism of its social, economic and environmental characteristics
  • The scale of change required needs all the people of GM, whatever their role, to collaborate in achieving the change
  • The more inclusive the movement to overcome the constraints and take advantage of the opportunities the more chance of success, which will benefit all

If you are interested, or curious, you can book your place for the next Green Summit here.  

While this year’s summit is hosted in a bigger venue, it is still expected to be a full house. We are keen to ensure that the VCSE sector in GM is well represented so do sign up as soon as possible!