Greater Manchester Centre for Voluntary Organisation

GMCA Future of GM Statement

On 7th January leaders from all sectors of Greater Manchester (GM) came together formally at a press conference to hear from Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) leadership about progress and next steps in the delivery of the Greater Manchester Strategy. The Mayor and Deputy Mayors of GM and all the local authority leaders spoke about the work covered by their portfolios.

On 11th January the GMCA will formally endorse the Future of Greater Manchester statement and other associated reports covering Housing, the Spatial Framework, Stockport Mayoral Development Corporation, GM Infrastructure Framework, Transport and Clean Air. A full set of papers are available here.

Much of the content of the speeches was familiar territory but there were some highlights, notably the pledge to build 50,000 (genuinely) affordable homes and a two-year trial of free bus travel for 16 – 18 year-olds. There were also strong position statements on no fracking in GM and opposition to a no-deal Brexit. There was frequent reference to the VCSE sector and a clear statement of commitment to the Accord and to continuing to work in partnership with us.

In the current climate of national uncertainty, the event put a marker down for Greater Manchester’s right to set our own agenda, and challenged government to support us.

You can read more about the event in local papers and on ITV's website. The full text of the Mayor’s speech is available here and the twitter hashtag was #DoingThingsDifferently