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Greater Manchester is set to radically overhaul the way it delivers public services.

Described as a “big test for devolution” and a “seismic change” as radical as the creation of the welfare state and NHS, the new Greater Manchester model of public service delivery is built around the unique and diverse needs of its people and places, not the policies of fragmented service providers.

Instead of a drive towards more institutions and outsourcing, public services are being integrated at a local level. This means organising resources – people and budgets – around neighbourhoods of 30,000-50,000 residents, rather than around policy areas as is traditionally done.

Launched at an event held on the 29th November 2018 organised by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA), this new model of service delivery will help to free up the frontline by devolving power and allocating resources around need more effectively. Professionals from a range of services will work more closely together at a neighbourhood level, co-locating where possible; information sharing between agencies will be improved; and pooled budgets will be spent more flexibly and intelligently.

This approach to public service delivery puts the needs of people and places at its heart, and will be a big test for Greater Manchester and devolution. The new model is for clinical commissioning groups, probation services, GPs, Greater Manchester Combined Authority, Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service, Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership, Greater Manchester Police, housing providers, job centres, local councils, NHS trusts, schools and colleges, Transport for Greater Manchester, and service providers from the voluntary, community and faith sectors.

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