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One of the main aims of GMCVO is to represent the needs and views of our members – this helps us to offer genuine collaborative leadership to Greater Manchester’s voluntary, community and social enterprise sector.

We are keen, therefore, to find out what you think about a number of topical issues and will from time to time post short surverys here:



Feedback is also invited on consultations and reviews issued by partners and other external bodies. Further information is available via the links below:

A Greater Manchester Survey to better understand how to support working carers

Following the launch of the Carers Charter for Greater Manchester in January, the GMHSC Partnership has demonstrated its commitment to carers and adopted the Working Carers Pledge. The pledge was developed using established good practice and research by carer organisations and outlines twelve commitments to working carers such as support with balancing multiple roles, help to stay healthy and well, and access to support and information they might need.

As we begin to look at how we make sure working carers across Greater Manchester receive the support they need, a survey has been developed to understand the different challenges working carers can face and the support made available to them by their employer.

This survey is open to all working carers in the region and can be completed here

Survey by Greater Manchester Poverty Action 

Greater Manchester Poverty Action are interested in understanding how they can develop their work to better meet the needs of organisations across Greater Manchester and beyond who share their passion for tackling poverty. To this end, they have been thinking about different types of training that they could offer and how they could develop courses and a bespoke consultancy offer that enhances the work of organisations in their network.

To help with this work they are requesting GM VCSE organisations and others to complete the following short survey. It should take between 5 and 10 minutes to complete. Answers will be treated in confidence. To access the survey, click here.

GM Local Industrial Strategy

GMCA are working with the Government to develop a Local Industrial Strategy. The co-owned plan will build on the Greater Manchester Strategy and inform future working and cooperation with the ministers and their departments. This plan represents an opportunity to include everyone in the prosperity of the city-region and deliver inclusive growth and therefore needs input from businesses, universities, colleges and schools, the voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector, and residents.

It is important that the Local Industrial Strategy is based on the views and needs of anyone who is interested in the future prosperity and growth of our city-region. We therefore encourage VCSE organisations to participate in the survey.

The survey can be accessed here. The closing date is 25th November.

GM Good Employment Charter

GMCA is leading on the development of a Good Employment Charter. The aim is to enlist all employers to make employment more accessible, rewarding and sustainable.

There has already been one consultation which received a large and diverse response and has shaped a draft Charter. Your views are now invited on this second draft. It is important that VCSE employers contribute to the consultation so that we will be in a position to sign up to the final version and join in the practical movement to create better jobs for people in Greater Manchester.

GMCVO have made a response, the summary of which you can read here.

For more information and to make a response click here. The closing date is 26th November.