3 months of a global pandemic - a report by Citizens Advice

This new report published by Citizens Advice captures data relating to the the nation’s  coronavirus concerns  over the past three months. 

The keys point of this report are summarised as follows: 

  • The Citizens Advice website was viewed 15.8 million times in that 3 month period 

  • The most viewed advice pages were on coronavirus and employment,  furlough, bills and benefits. 

  • Over this time, the number 1 most searched for word on the Citizens  Advice website was:  ○ Month 1: Coronavirus  ○ Month 2: Furlough  ○ Month 3: Redundancy   

  • In the first month of the pandemic people’s concerns were changing  rapidly. This was followed by a month of more consistent demand for  advice on furlough, self-employment, benefits and paying bills. In the third  month issues became much more varied again, with people seeking  support on redundancy, housing and consumer issues amongst other  things. 

  • Demand for redundancy advice is on the rise: redundancy pages made up  4 of the top 10 most viewed pages in month 3 of the pandemic. 

  • Over the last 3 month advisers have helped over 380,000 people by  telephone, email and web chat. Benefits and employment issues were the  main reasons for people seeking advice.   

  • In the last month there’s been a 40% increase in people seeking  one-to-one advice on housing issues. 


To read the entire report, click here


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