AfA launches two new Community Media scaled programmes – bids invited

Today saw the launch of two new Community Media scaled programmes from Ambition for Ageing:

1. Subculture

This programme seeks to fund the creation and development of media projects themed around older people’s specific hobbies, activities and/or experiences.

It is vital that these projects combine diversity of outlook as well as diversity of experience and that the initiatives which this work creates should be sustainable by the older people who have developed them.

AfA is specifically looking for areas of interest that are not necessarily representative of a larger audience, but for which there are high levels of involvement and interaction on the part of select enthusiasts, followers or supporters. This is in order to gain an understanding of what community media could look like if it is to reflect the real pastimes and preoccupations of older people in Greater Manchester, and to genuinely help them to feel less socially isolated.  At the same time the project seeks to better understand how best to support people over 50 to create media projects, and the barriers which currently prevent them from doing so.

AfA is particularly interested in the use of different media approaches that help to encourage enthusiasts to create imaginative and original products. For example, there has been a long tradition of using zines (a fanzine or self-published themed magazine with a small circulation).

More recently podcasts have become a popular means for people to self-publish audio shows These are just two approaches, for purposes of illustration and are not exclusive.

Partnership bids, where such an approach can provide clear additional value, are welcome.

Final deadline for submissions: 12 noon, Wednesday 10th October 2018

For further details and how to bid, click here


2. Greater Manchester though the eyes of older people

The aim of this programme is to document and disseminate the day to day experiences of older people living in Greater Manchester, what they have done to feel less socially isolated, the changes they are making to the places they live in and the types of challenges they have met along the way.

Final deadline for submissions: 12 noon, Wednesday 24 October 2018.

For further details and how to bid, click here


AfA bidder engagement event – Monday 17 September

AfA is running an engagement event to give prospective bidders more information about both these new scaled programmes, including details about the delivery models and approaches required.

The event will take place at Manchester Art Gallery Lecture Room, Mosley St, Manchester M2 3JL – Monday 17 September 2018, 1pm - 4.00pm

To book your place please click here

Full details of the guidance event for potential bidders can also be found on the Events section of the GMCVO website

If you are interested in finding out more about bidding for this work, please register on the GMCVO bidding portal here

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