Carrying learning forward from GM Talent Match

GM’s Hidden Talent has strived to build on the learning of GM Talent Match.

That GM’s Hidden Talent was able to start so soon after the conclusion of GM Talent Match was vital: in that key staff at Delivery Partners would still be in post when GM’s Hidden Talent got underway.

Delivery Partners had worked on GM Talent Match and GMCVO was keen to retain their knowledge of how to identify and engage hidden young people.

As such, Manchester Young Lives (MYL) had agreed to work as a Delivery Partner on GM’s Hidden Talent before bid proposals were submitted to funders in autumn/winter 2018.

Martina Convery, a youth worker at Manchester Young Lives (MYL) had worked as a Talent Coach on GM Talent Match. When funding for GM’s Hidden Talent was confirmed in January 2019, Martina was earmarked as MYL’s Talent Coach for the new programme

In the interim period between Talent Match ending and Hidden Talent starting, MYL wanted Martina to continue to use the GM Talent Match registration criteria to identify and support young people furthest from the workplace. 

 “Young people’s life situations and needs don’t correspond to funding cycles,” said Martina.

“With the quick turn-around between programmes, I was able to keep using the same tried and tested referral pathways and rely upon the same employer links.

“We’re delighted to be a part of GM’s Hidden Talent – it’s already making a massive difference to the young people I’ve been working with since March – but at the end of Talent Match, there were always going to be more young people out there who needed help.

Lauren was one such young person.

Martina was familiar with Lauren having supported her brothers on GM Talent Match. 

Martina (l) and Lauren (r)
Martina (l) and Lauren (r) celebrate employment success

Lauren was uncertain about her next steps. She had tried a hairdressing apprenticeship but decided that it was not for her. She suspected she might enjoy a caring role with older people. 

Martina was quick to impress the realities of the role upon Lauren and urged her to talk to people inside the profession first.

“Martina arranged a meeting with the manager from a local care home because she thought it would be a good idea for me to look around the environment.”

“The manager was really nice and explained the full range of jobs a carer does. I knew straight away that this was something I would love to do.

Lauren was invited back the following day for an interview and taken on as bank staff in housekeeping. Showing willing and working hard, Lauren has now been offered a full-time training contract in a caring role. 

Although Lauren entered work before registrations to GM’s Hidden Talent opened, Martina used the interim period between programmes to identify other young people she could sign-up when Hidden Talent launched in March.

“Lauren was a Talent Match / Hidden Talent beneficiary in everything but name! It’s vital that between one scheme ending and another starting, all the good practice is not lost.

“With the quick turn-around between programmes, I was able to keep using the same tried and tested referral pathways and rely upon the same employer links.

“Lauren has worked so hard to get to where she is today and I know she will continue to make great steps in her new career.”

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