Charity Tax Commission: review of charity tax system

In October of 2017 NCVO established a Charity Tax Commission which undertook a full review of the charity tax system. The commission has now launched the final report, which offers a number of recommendations which could make charitable tax reliefs more effective in ensuring that good causes get more with minimal cost to the Exchequer:

Four key recommendations 

  • Enable higher-rate taxpayers to pass their tax relief onto their chosen charities more easily, potentially raising at least ¬£250m more for good causes every year.

  • Create a new digital Gift Aid database which would mean fewer fiddly forms and less money spent on admin, helping to make inroads into the ¬£millions of unclaimed Gift Aid each year.

  • Make it compulsory for UK employers to offer a Payroll Giving scheme, just like they have done with pension auto enrolment.

  • Remove VAT from wills that include a charitable donation, giving solicitors a greater incentive to raise the question of whether someone wants to leave a gift to a charity in their will.

The full report can be viewed here.


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