Ex-smokers required to share their success stories in GM wide smoking cessation campaign

The Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership are looking for ex-smokers and their families who would be prepared to share their stories as part of the campaign which is going to be launched in March 2019. The campaign is still in the early stages of development but will cover five general types of ‘real stories’ to be shared. 

  • Quitters with a positive story – how this led to a ‘better you’, how they used the money saved, etc
  • Repeat quitters – people who have quit following many failed attempts
  • Quitters whose smoking has negatively impacted their health
  • Stories of how people have used support to quit – whether from quitting tools (like NRT or e-cigs), family and friends or specialist stop smoking services
  • Ex-smokers whose quitting has positively impacted their wider network – family, children, etc

If you are aware of anyone through your networks who might 'fit the bill' for any of these categories,please forward their name and contact details to Si├ón Lambert, Communications & Engagement Manager – Making Smoking History so that she can have an initial conversation with potential interviewees either before Christmas or early in the New Year. 


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