Flipping the coin: two sides of community wealth in England

The inequalities in investment across England and the rest of the UK has come under increasing scrutiny in recent years – especially when considered through the lens of multiple deprivation. Since the EU referendum in 2016, more political and media attention, if not necessarily action, has been given to ‘forgotten’ or ‘left behind’ places than ever before.

The Young Foundation's new report Flipping the coin: The two sides of community wealth in England builds on their previous work which was published last year. In the 2018 Patchwork Philanthropy report, they looked at patterns of philanthropic and charitable spending across local authorities in England, and compared these to patterns of deprivation, public spending and the UK EU Referendum result. 

You may also be interested to read a report published by IPPR Economic Justice Commission titled "Wealth in the twenty-first century Inequalities and drivers" that illustrates the growth in wealth inequalities between people and places, and explains why addressing income inequalities alone is ineffective unless there is also a shift in who owns the assets .  

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