Free online data on youth social action

horizon is a free digital mapping tool to enable any organisation to access data on youth social action programmes. The goal is to make it easy for schools, local authorities, third sector organisations and funders to discover what youth social action is taking place in their region.

horizon brings together in one place all of the data on these activities to enable powerful insights into young people's participation in social action across the UK.

Among the organisations already registered are the University of Manchester, UpRising, GMYN, City Year, Future Foundations, and vInspired.

As part of HRH Prince of Wales’ the #iwill campaign, horizon is trying to build a comprehensive picture of youth social action taking place in the UK.

You can register and showcase the impact you’re having in Greater Manchester on horizon – the process is simple and takes around 10 – 15 minutes.

For further information, visit the horizon website (link below).

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