GM Spatial Framework – please respond by 18th March

Greater Manchester is developing a revised Spatial Framework. The first phase of consultation is now open until 18th March 2019

There will be a second phase of consultation in the autumn, and the plan will be finalised towards the end of 2020.

This may appear to be a dry topic but it is extremely relevant to our organisations and our work – please do have a look and respond.

The main changes from the 2016 draft are:

  • More efficient use of land with brownfield preference and building at higher densities

  • Reduction in net loss of Green Belt with stronger protection for important green infrastructure

  • Consideration of the wider environment – carbon, fracking and clean air

  • A mix of housing - including affordable housing (by local definition)

  • Closer links with other strategies like Housing and Transport 2040

A workshop was held with VCSE organisations on 7th February. Key points from this will be shared in more detail shortly, but in summary there were two big areas of concern – the emphasis on transport and workspace doesn’t take account of the changing nature of work and the economy, specifically accommodating ‘inclusive growth’; and the plan doesn’t include any reference to community infrastructure or ‘place’ as described in the GM White Paper.

You can read the Spacial Framework and respond here.

Closing date for responses 18th March 2019

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