GM VCSE Organisations - Please Sign the Health and Social Care MOU

 As you will know, a Memorandum of Understanding has been agreed with the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership, see link. This is a powerful document intended to transform the relationship of local VCSE organisations with health and social care devolution, and it should benefit all groups involved with health, social care and wellbeing.

The MOU has not been agreed with GMCVO, or the VCSE Reference Group, but with the whole of our sector, so it can be used by any VCSE organisation. We want to show our statutory colleagues that there are lots of us planning to use it, and that we are a very diverse sector. We also want to show that we share some common values and ways of working – including a spirit of inclusion and collaboration.

We’d like to illustrate this clearly by inviting as many people as possible to electronically sign the MOU. Please do sign up – there is strength in numbers. We will make the list of signing organisations public and share it with public sector colleagues who are responsible for ensuring the MOU is implemented at local or city-regional levels.

If you would like to sign the MOU please click here

The MOU is also a “national first” and we are keen to celebrate it with a formal “signing” and photo opportunity.  To this end we are expecting to be able to invite approximately 30 people to the signing between 11.30am and 12.30pm on Friday 12th May at Manchester Town Hall. We want this group to be representative of the diversity of the VCSE sector in GM, and will invite a selection of signatories to attend. Please state when you sign the MOU if you would like to attend the signing and we will send out any invitations by Friday 5th May (please note that if you have not heard from us by 5th May, unfortunately we are unable to invite you).


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