GM's Hidden Talent publish Employer Toolkit

As part of hosting their first employer workshop, GM's Hidden Talent have published a toolkit to help employers attract and retain young people with barriers to employment. 

The toolkit contains practical and easily implementable tips for ensuring young talent is not overlooked. It is stuctured around four  key elements of the recruitment process: mindset, job adverts & specs, selection processes and inductions/mentoring.

Extract from the employer toolkit

The toolkit asks employers to consider the following questions:

- What do they want from an entry level role, i.e. does someone need to have done the job before?

- Have they considered the benefits of employing a young person?

- Are current selection methods not allowing young people to give the best of themselves?

- Could easy adjustments made for young people with barriers to employment, actually get the best out of all staff?

 Our thanks go to Transform Lives Company whose expertise informed the content of the Selection Processes section.



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