Have your say on the Disabled People's Manifesto

A Disabled Peoples Manifesto has been drafted by Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People (GMCDP). The intention is to present the Manifesto at a hustings of the main Mayoral candidates in April 2017 (date and venue to be confirmed).

Prior to the hustings, you are invited to the GMCDP Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Saturday 25th February, where they will be seeking your views as part of a discussion on the key issues contained in the Manifesto. The formal AGM business runs from 11:00am to 12:30,  with the Manifesto discussion from 1:00 to 3:00pm. The meeting will be held at UNISON Arena point, 1 Hunts Bank, Manchester M3 1UN.

GMCDP want your thinking on how they should use the Manifesto to increase the voice and active involvement of disabled people with the new Mayor's office of Greater Manchester, following elections in May 2017.

GMCDP asserts that the callous and systematic attacks on disabled people, by the national government, has to end. The political changes in Greater Manchester provides an opportunity to show how crucial the involvement of disabled people's organisations are to secure a Greater Manchester that is known for its promotion of human rights and the equality of ALL its citizens.

GMCDP encourage your support to engage with disabled people across Greater Manchester to make the Disability Manifesto a reality. 

Various versions of the Manifesto are attached below. If you are not able to attend the AGM, GMCDP ask that you send your views and let them know if you would like to sign up to the Manifesto.

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