Have your say on two important GM Public Health Strategies

Two key documents: the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership ‘Taking Charge, the next five years’ prospectus and the GM ‘Model of Public Services white paper’ have been published. The documents both cover public service reform and will be implemented simultaneously.

Click here to view a Powerpoint presentation setting out details about each document, with an overarching section explaining how they both fit together

Click here to see the 'Taking Charge, the next five years' prospectus document

Click here to see the GM' Model of Public Service' white paper

There has been considerable input into both documents from VCSE sector leaders and representatives, and GMCVO is happy to endorse them.

It is very positive to see the emphasis on working holistically with people and communities (of geography, identity and experience) in a place; on the provision of support as well as ‘services’; on multi-agency collaboration and personal leadership; and of course on recognition of the crucial role of voluntary organisations, community groups and social enterprises.

Further comments should be submitted by June 7 2019, directly to warrenheppolette@nhs.net at GMHSCP regarding the Prospectus document and jane.forrest@greatermanchester-ca.gov.uk at GMCA regarding the white paper.

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