Invitation to join co production group at GM Health and Social Care Partnership

Would you like to be part of strategic co-production in the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership?

The Person and Community Centred Approaches team is looking for people to join their co-production group. Their work is trying to make sure people in Greater Manchester feel listened to by health and social care services, have more choice and control, and for communities to be recognised as at the heart of what keeps us happy and well. They know this will only succeed if they collaborate with people with lived experience who are willing to share their skills and knowledge with them.

The strategic co-production group is a friendly group of people who work in a fast-moving, innovative and collaborative way. The group makes sure the voice of people who have experienced personalised approaches is heard in everything the team does. 

The monthly meetings are in central Manchester from 10am-2.30pm, lunch and all out-of-pocket expenses are provided. When members of the group work on projects with public accountability, such as delivering presentations or sitting on the steering group, they also receive an involvement payment. The rate of pay is £75 for up to 4 hours or £150 over 4 hours.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more, please get in touch with Maddy Hubbard by email on or call 0161 625 7492.

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