MIMIT/HinM Development Fund - Scoping of unmet healthcare needs in GM

UPDATEGiven the fact the summer holiday season is now in full flow and many people have been on leave, plus the nature of some of the questions received to date, additional time for the submission of any further clarification questions to be submitted has been extended to Wednesday 14th August.  The date for ITQ submissions has also been extended by a week to Wednesday 28th August.

One inaccuracy to note in the original ITQ document, is that the contracting authority will in fact be Trafford CCG on behalf of Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership, and not Oldham CCG as originally stated.  The timescales and contracting authority changes are captured in the attached revised ITQ.

MIMIT (Manchester: Improving Medicine with Innovation and Technology), in collaboration with Oxford Road Corridor (ORC) and Health Innovation Manchester (HInM) has established an £80,000 development fund to pump-prime up to eight projects that aim to provide solutions to unmet healthcare needs.

Submissions are encouraged from practicing clinicians, community healthcare, GPs, nurses and healthcare workers in all fields who work within Greater Manchester’s healthcare system who can identify unmet health needs in the areas of ‘living well’ and ‘ageing well’. Up to eight solution providers will be awarded a minimum of £10,000 to pump prime the development of the solution with the aim of preparing the project for further funding.

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