New leaflet on vaccination for migrants to England - request for feedback

Public Health England’s (PHE) Immunisation team and Migration Health national teams have worked together to develop a new leaflet to encourage recent migrants in England to get vaccinated.

Moved to the UK: are you and your family up-to-date with vaccinations?’ is aimed primarily at people who have moved to England; however it will also be informative for health and non-health staff working with migrants. The leaflet will be translated and available in a wide range of languages.

Prior to launch of the leaflet, it will be need to be tested to ensure it is clear, appropriate and fulfils its stated aims. PHE would very much appreciate if GM VCSE organisations who work with migrants could review the draft version of the leaflet (click here to view) and feedback their thoughts through the completion of a short survey which can be found by clicking here.

The closing date for completion of the survey is Friday 15th March 2019

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