New website for the Greater Manchester Social Enterprise Network (GMSEN)

We are delighted to announce the launch of the new website for the Greater Manchester Social Enterprise Network!

Social enterprises are dynamic, innovative and diverse and they make a difference. SEUK’s 2015 state of the sector survey found that: a greater proportion of SEs are growing than mainstream small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs); nearly a third of SEs are working in the top 20% most deprived communities in the UK; 40% of SEs are led by women and 12% are led by a BME person (18% and 7% of mainstream SMEs respectively); 41% of SEs created jobs in the prior 12 months (22% of mainstream SMEs) and these jobs pay fair wages.

GMSEN wants to showcase social enterprise across Greater Manchester and to connect social enterprises (SEs) with each other, with the networks and organisations who can support them and with opportunities for business and growth. We also want to help businesses and organisations connect with this exciting and developing sector and find the right SEs to provide them with excellent products and services while delivering impressive social impact.

Take a look at the website to see the new Greater Manchester social enterprise directory, news and case studies, information about local and thematic networks in Greater Manchester, a range of support you can access and places to seek out finance and funding. Content is being added regularly.

The social enterprise directory will be an ideal way for social enterprises (SEs) to publicise themselves and what they do and for organisations and companies who want to do business with SEs to browse a range of suppliers who operate in Greater Manchester. SEs can also find other SEs to collaborate with or who are happy to offer a range of different support.

Also keep an eye out for updates on GMSEN's role and approach, along with the development of a strategy for social enterprise in Greater Manchester.

Registration is FREE!
We want to thank the first group of social enterprises who have already registered. Choose an option below to join them:

Registration for social enterprises

Registration for non-social enterprises - for those who don’t define as a social enterprise but who still want to be involved with GMSEN and:

  • Show your support for the SE movement in GM
  • Be engaged with a network of likeminded individuals across GM which will enable collaborations, mutual support, signposting and opportunities
  • Receive information and updates about SE in GM and how you can get involved and get in touch
  • Have access to new website features as they are added

This website is new and is developing. Please let us know if there is anything missing or anything more you would like to see.

GMCVO is hosting this website to enable the development of the network and directory.

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