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Personal Health Budgets and S117 - Sharing of Local and National Learning

This workshop, (Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership / NHS England) is for professionals and key stakeholders supporting local mental health provision, including professionals working in commissioning of mental health services, mental health providers and local authority organisations. This will explore how personal health budgets can be used to support people with mental health problems with a specific focus on people who are eligible for Section 117 Aftercare.

This will be an interactive day, supporting Greater Manchester localities to start completing their own S117 Personal Health Budget Implementation Framework and enabling them to clarify exactly what is already in place, and what else needs to be prioritised, in order to start an offer of Personal Health Budgets to people who are eligible for s117 aftercare.

This day will:

  • Help people attending learn more about GM & personalisation in mental health, and;
  • Provide opportunities to explore what else is happening across GM, & where the opportunities are for development.
  • Introduce people to the s117 self-assessment framework & identify what they might need to put in place locally.
  • People will hear from a local site who have developed a S117 PHB offer;
  • Help people to identify opportunities for co-production in their own site / more widely, and;
  • Have the opportunity to share their own experiences.

In order to get the most from the day we strongly advise localities send a small team covering people in the following key roles:

  • Mental Health Provider Trust – Clinical Leads / Managers;
  • Finance/Contracting specialists,
  • People with lived experience who have an interest in helping to co-produce a S117 Personal Health Budget offer;
  • Local Authority – Senior Managers who manage the payment & monitoring of Personal Budgets,
  • Senior managers responsible for Mental Health / Adult / Learning Disability services;
  • CCG – Mental Health Commissioners
  • Representatives from the VCSE sector who provide mental health services in the community
  • Personalisation Leads

Date: Thursday 21st March 2019
Time: 09:30 - 16:30
Venue: Irish World Heritage Centre, 1 Irish Town Way, Manchester, M8 0AE
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Thursday, 21 March 2019