Greater Manchester Centre for Voluntary Organisation

Policy & Voice

'Devo Manc' is the driving force behind the Northern Powerhouse, which now has its own minister in the Department for Communities and Local Government. Agreements signed in November 2014 give the Greater Manchester Combined Authority and the elected city region Mayor (2017) control over transport, housing investment, planning, police, skills and employment funds, and health and social care.

Greater Manchester European Funding Programme 2014-2020
Supporting the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector to improve local growth, create jobs, and reduce dependency on public services by investing in innovation, business, skills and employment through the European Structural and Investment Fund (ESIF) Programme 2014-2020.

Health and Social Care
On 1st April 2016, Greater Manchester took control of £6 billion of public funding for health and social care, giving us the power to take charge of health, wealth and wellbeing in our communities.

Inclusive Economic Growth
The Greater Manchester Strategy "Stronger Together" is being rewritten in early 2017 with the declared intention of achieving inclusive economic growth, recognising that growth alone does not address poverty or inequality.