Greater Manchester Centre for Voluntary Organisation

Preparing for Police & Crime Commissioners

GMCVO has been awarded funding from a national partnership funded by the Home Office, which includes Clinks and NAVCA, to develop a Safer Future Communities Network which will be seen as a way for the voluntary sector to engage with the election of Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs). In order to set up this network we’ll be holding events with local infrastructure partners in the GM districts over the coming months

It’s becoming clear that PCCs will play an increasingly important role in local commissioning. Already, Community Safety Partnership funding will pass to them in April 2013 and Victim and Witness Support funding in April 2014. It’s clear that where the Home Office does not see value in commissioning nationally the PCC will be the principle commissioner due to their local accountability.

In addition, we’re currently working with the Police Authority and AGMA partners to develop help them understand voluntary sector commissioning, the potential market supply of services and how the voluntary sector market might be best developed. With these two areas of work we should be able to position ourselves to make a strong offer from the sector to an incoming PCC.

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