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Wheelchair Review

The Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership (GMHSCP) in collaboration with services users, carers and the voluntary sector, is undertaking a review into the supply and use of wheelchairs from the NHS, (both adults and children’s). It is important that people get the right chair at the right time to help them remain independent. In addition, not having access to a wheelchair, or being given the wrong one, can have a significant impact on individual’s health and well-being, and lead to increased care and support needs in the future. Anecdotal feedback suggests that there is a lot of variation and inequity in the services across GM.

GMHSCP and partners, have developed questionnaires to gather feedback about service user experiences within the last 5 years, highlighting issues and priorities that should be focused on. They will use the information from these questionnaires to produce a report and a series of recommendations to improve the current wheelchair services across Greater Manchester.

There are two questionnaires (one for adults including carers, and one for children’s which are attached below. There is also an electronic link to the Adults questionnaire

Closing date for both questionnaires is 28 June 2019.

wheelchair_patient_related_experience_measure_child_-_final.docx651.79 KB
wheelchair_service_user_survey_final.docx271.17 KB